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Via della Rocca is one of the routes that overlook the spacious Piazza Vittorio Veneto connected to the suggestive Turin hill, the green lung of the city. The city center is whithin walking distance : you’ll be enchanted by Turin’s elegance, beauty and austerity. Via della Rocca, despite its proximity to one of the square of Turin’s nightlife, is hidden and thus preserves the typical austerity of the city. It means that at any time of the day you can enjoy the tranquility.



Opera 35, 4 stars hotel, is located inside a neoclassical stately building that preserves the magnificence of the Belle Époque of Turin in the late 19th century. Opening historic buildings to the public is therefore essential for us. The respectful building recovery was guided by the goal of preserving the monumental character of the building by protecting those details that make it elegant and, at the same time, finding a space for a modernity that would help to highlight the value of the hotel.

The spaces are designed for travelers curious to discover the Turin vibe since their stay inside Opera 35, in a continuous exchange between the austerity of architecture and the linearity of modern furnishings: the frescoes, the stuccoes and part of the original flooring are flanked by design choices designed on modern needs.

The result is an ambiance that seems to overcome the barriers of any time span. In its austerity, Turin is a reserved city, but that gives the visitors what they want to live in the Savoy capital.



If it is true that journey is lived three times, when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it, then we are happy to contribute to your memory by hosting you in a hotel that recalls the elegant Turin architectural style. Whether you are in town for business or leisure, our goal is always the same : to make you feel at home, without forgetting the place where you stay. Each type of room is within the reach of any need and any group : friends, family, children.

You live the inner part of Opera 35, among its rooms where we have kept the original details, and outside, where you can enjoy our garden sipping a cup of coffee, even when you are behind your pc. Every space for us is available. From April to November, the internal courtyard can give you a corner of calm in total freedom, surrounded by the typical buildings of the Piedmontese middle class.

Camera Privilege - Opera35 Torino
Camera Privilege - Opera35 Torino
Junior Suite - Opera35 Torino



What aspect of Turin do you want to explore today ? You just have to choose : everything is at your fingertips once you are out of Opera35.

If you are in doubt, we can advise you on the best places, whether it’s visiting a museum, going to the theater, taking a walk on the banks of  the Po river or tasting the typical dishes of  Turin cuisine. We will be proud to make you love our city.

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